Lady Gaga: The Art and the Business

Los Angeles is, once more and as it has been many times in its past, on the cusp of a new age. Whether that age will be a good one for the city, or will witness its decline, is up to us all.

Lady Gaga holding a speech at National Equalit...
Lady Gaga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is much to keep, and much to be changed. One of the things that needs to change is the hubris in our entertainment industry.

Lady Gaga, never my favorite performer (but that’s preference) and a permanent New Yorker, had a fair point in her 2010 profile in Vanity Fair:

The biggest change in her life, despite her earlier remarks to me about loving sunlight and sitting on her porch and driving around L.A., is that Gaga now hates Hollywood. “I hate Hollywood,” she says. “I got rid of my place, and I’m coming back to spend more time in New York. Everyone in Hollywood is so awful, and awful to me; everyone just wants you to fail. There’s no fervor for the fantasy of music anymore. It’s all about No. 1s and who’s on iTunes, and [while] I’m on iTunes and I’m No. 1, I still care about the fervor of show business and music and womanhood.”

I love LA. And she is not wrong. It is time for LA to go post-Hollywood, or for Hollywood to find its soul again.

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