Will Sharing Culture Kill the Car Culture

The Cheapest Generation
Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissmann
The Atlantic 

This is not a particularly recent article, but one that starts a Californian wondering: what happens to our culture, our land, and our lives when the car is no longer at the heart of all of those things? How does the geography of our cities, and of the entire state change?

I know that the first reaction is “hey, it can only be for the better.” Perhaps. But we do need to think this through, and make sure that in our zeal to build a better world, we don’t start tossing babies out with the dirty bath water. There is something profound in the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want, something that fuels what makes this state unique, prosperous, and vital. We need to find a way to preserve the good of our car culture even as we resolve to expunge the bad.

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