US Census Data on Gender and Employment in LA

Mapping the Los Angeles Neighborhoods Where Men Have Jobs and Women Don’t
Benjamin Gross

Cool Map Thing
Curbed LA
12 January 2015

There are great disparities in employment between men and women across the heart of LA, and this fascinating map shows where those gaps exist.

What the map doesn’t show, of course, is why. And this is important, because the map reveals strong similarities in gender employment in south L.A. and on the West Side. Now, we can surmise that women in poorer neighborhoods can’t get a job – or cannot afford to, or lack the skills, or do not have adequate jobs available to them. We could also guess that women in more prosperous neighborhoods simply choose not to work.

Those would be the easy answers, but we should not accept them. If anything, this map tells us nothing more than that there is a phenomenon worth investigating.

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