Inn Owl

Long day behind.
Long day ahead. 
Still can’t sleep.
So watch I the street.

Dreaming of rest
In my iron and glass nest
Yet happy and calm
And dreading the dawn

— Pudong, Shanghai
21 January 2014

Writer’s Friday: Advice from Great Modern Writers

What sleep and plagiarism have to do with the poetry of experience and the experience of poetry.

Source: Advice on Writing from Modernity’s Greatest Writers – Brain Pickings

It looks like I will get a little time to sit down and write this weekend, so I am getting my head into the game with a little advice from the greats, courtesy of Maria Popova over at Brain Pickings.

I’m ordering the books she is excerpting heavily here. I am not at the stage wherein I need inspiration to write, but I am almost always in need of direction, and these aphorisms are each a finger pointing down the right road.

Have a great weekend!

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