The editors and contributors to Golden West Review believe that geography informs culture, that culture frames interpretation, and that in tapping a variety of interpretations brings us closer to the truth. We also believe that historically American arts and letters have been dominated by perspectives incubated east of the Appalachians and north of the Potomac, and that these fields would be enriched by viewpoints birthed and nurtured in other parts of the nation.

GWR is thus dedicated to celebrating California and to giving wider voice to the California perspective on history, arts, landscape, and literature. Through the words and images we create and those of others that we curate, our focus is to discover and analyze the essence of our state and its effect on thinking and culture in America, and indeed worldwide.

GWR is edited by David Wolf, who, as near as he can tell, is a sixth generation Californian, born and raised in Los Angeles and an alumnus of the University of California. Returning to the Golden State after nearly two decades living in China, David brings to GWR the unique perspective of a native son rediscovering his home state.

David edits GWR primarily from Ventura County, California, but also from around the world. He can be reached at siliconhutong (at) mac.com.

Just to be clear: any opinions expressed in the articles and comments in this blog are those of their respective authors and theirs alone, and are not those of the editors, their employers, their client, their families, their affiliated organizations, or their pet rocks.

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