Woody Allen, Metrpolitan or Philistine?

Woody Allen playing his clarinet in concert in...
Woody Allen playing his clarinet in concert in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Defending Los Angeles from Woody Allen’s remark that making a right turn on a red light was Los Angeles’ only contribution to culture, Los Angeles Times columnist Jack Smith retorted:

What about the drive-in bank, the Frisbee, the doggie bag? What about our Hansel and Gretel cottages, our Assyrian rubber factory, our Beaux-Arts-Byzantine-Italian-Classic-Nebraska Modern City Hall? What about the drive-in church?

All joking aside, whatever Woody Allen is, he is also one of the great preachers of the Gospel According to Gotham. Does anything exist for you, Woody, beyond the mid-point of the George Washington Bridge going West?

The only real difference between New York’s cultural contributions and California’s is that our Eastern brethren tend to do a better job at promoting theirs that we do of ours. We here at the GWR would like to change that, of course.