Are bookshelves becoming obsolete?. A great debate on io9, definitely worth reading the comments.

Our growing shelf of Golden West books, some of them very old and highly collectible, are sufficient proof to us of the idea that bookshelves will not go away until books do.

Our take: even with the rise of the e-book, from Kindle to PDF, we don’t see the bookshelf going away anytime soon. We are having to rethink the nature of the shelf, learning to integrate books into our rooms and spaces so they are not taking up space, but enhancing it.


The Only Article About Iron Man 3 Worth Reading

This little piece from Grantland about director Shane Black tells, in an indirect way, the  only story about Iron Man 3 you are going to want to know outside of the plot line itself. It made me realize that I’m a fan of just about all of Black’s oeuvre, including The Last Boy Scout (which should go down in movie history just for the opening sequence.) Fantastic read.

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